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My name is Brooke and I live in Tampa, Florida. I am married and I have two boys named Tristan and Gabriel. I have over thirteen years of hands-on teaching experience as well as numerous leadership experiences. I taught grades K-5 for about 10 years before transitioning to becoming an assistant principal for Hillsborough County. I obtained my Masters in Educational Leadership through an online masters program at the American College of Education. I received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of South Florida.

Some of the most recent things I have done as a teacher were I created a strong and successful SAC, a reading initiative partnership between the athletes at Jefferson High School and Roland Park students, trained staff on science, reading, and technology, mentored new teachers and interns, created a school-wide assessment and behavior policy, as well as many other initiatives that have helped lead to the success of my students and our school. These opportunities have allowed me to become a change agent that drove success in my place of employment and created new standards in excellence.

My role as an administrator encompassed a wide variety of tasks. These tasks included, but were not limited to attending to discipline matters, creating schedules, supervising the cafeteria and lunch for students, organizing school-wide events, supervising of students in the front of the building before and after school during bus duty, teacher evaluations, as well as serving as the acting principal in the absence of the building principal, completing text book inventory, training teachers, analyzing and giving school-wide and individual feedback on FCAT/AIR and formative assessments, as well as RTI, and Administrative team duties.

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