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ASPIRING Teachers & Administrators

  • Have you ever contemplated going into education?

  • Having your own classroom?

  • Running a school?

  • Managing curriculum and activities while homeschooling little ones of varying ages?

This can be a daunting task, but I want to assure you that you “got this!” There are so many resources out there it can be a bit overwhelming. That is where I would like to ease that tension.

The Mentorship

I would like to share what I know to help you on your journey. If it’s a zoom meeting where you would like to hash out possible leadership questions for a panel interview to lead district schools or even maybe well thought out routine schedules and activities for your little ones to better help manage your day, I have the resources!

Who Is The Mentorship For?

  • Becoming a paid & published Author
  • Resume building ideas and assistance
  • Aspiring administrators that are ready to take on that panel interview, let me walk you through the process and share my experiences as well as help you to design your own answers to put you in a place of demand that shows you are ready to lead
  • Teachers just starting out that want real answers to help avoid time wasted and jump start your success in the classroom
  • Teacher’s Handling issues in the classroom such as behavior, motivation of students, organization, parental and community involvement, student engagement, challenging the gifted, strategies for those struggling students, developing relationships with your staff, parents, admin. And community to launch you into a leadership position.
  • Parents - for parental concerns about your child’s development and issues that are happening in the classroom. I can give parents not only the tools to begin strategic and purposeful learning experiences, but it also help you provide the insight into why this is so…important, especially early on. It can help you give your child the boost to early success!
  • Interested in going into education and becoming a teacher
  • Interested in teaching at the university level
  • Interested in becoming a leader (administrator) in your school

Hear what other's have to say


"Brooke is amazing! Her lesson plans have made it extremely easy for me to teach my little one's at home. Thank you Brooke for being so gracious to provide these to us for purchase!"

-Janis G.

"As a mother, and now a homeschool mom, I was struggling with the behavior of one of my little ones. Brooke's advice helped us turn the train around and now he is THRIVING!"

-Candace A.

"I am so grateful this opportunity came into my life. The opportunity to control my own health. The opportunity to help others. The opportunity

to create an income doing what I love!"

-Trey F.

Why Should You Take Advantage Of This?

With nearly fifteen years in education, as an elementary teacher, assistant principal, then later adjunct professor, and now speaker and author, not to mention homeschooling mom of two growing boys, I am passionate about teaching elementary-age children and helping provide much-needed resources (and encouragement) to teachers, homeschoolers, and professionals in the field of education.

I desire to teach children in such a way that they find the lessons and activities meaningful and worthwhile. Which to paraphrase Brophy (1987), “the ultimate goal as instructors is that our students grow from our instruction.” I believe that by giving teachers the tools to provide differentiated, individualized instruction to students of all ages, instructors can meet the preferred learning styles of each of our students. By tapping into each student’s learning style and differentiating our instruction and activities, we create classrooms that allow for, encourage, and nurture an atmosphere that helps enable students to hone and develop skills as well as master the content learned.

When educators create interactive, hands-on, intuitive instruction in classrooms, we create and strengthen bridges into developmental learning.

One step further, these bridges lead to larger learning communities, learning communities that serve to engage with and encourage parents, homeschoolers, and anyone in education, especially during the ever-important, informative, elementary years.

And ultimately, I believe, in creating and nurturing student-centered classrooms, that provide opportunities and life-skills to help set students up for success.

Meanwhile, when not teaching, I also enjoy writing and finding moments of laughter in life. My husband and I live in Florida and have two children, a German Shepherd, one hamster, four chickens, and a cat.

Brooke's Professional Experience & Education

  • Adjunct Professor, Featured Conference Speaker, Podcast, The University of Arizona Global Campus, annual spring Early Childhood Chatter Podcast
  • Elementary Teacher, grades K-5, ten years for Hillsborough & Pasco County, FL, before transitioning to Assistant Principal
  • Curriculum Designer, Schoolhouse Teachers/A division of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, the go-to resource for homeschoolers
  • Master’s in Educational Leadership, American College of Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, University of South Florida
  • Certified, Elementary Education, Grades K-6, ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages), Educational Leadership, and Gifted Education

Hear what other's have to say

More Testimonials

"I enjoyed this class so much and Professor Brooke Layton was absolutely amazing and so intentional in her teaching and reaching out to her students. I really enjoyed this course!"

"Professor Layton is a wonderful educator and provides many additional resources for an overall in-depth experience. I feel more confident about my knowledge in special education, my ability to advocate for my children, and my motivation to continue to work towards my degree."

"Professor Layton did an amazing job teaching this course. She really is dedicated to her student's success and provides feedback that allowed me to really think outside the box. I really appreciate her dedication."

"I truly enjoyed Professor Layton. She was knowledgeable and communicated expectations well. She provided positive feedback and gave suggestions when she saw areas for opportunity. I hope I have future classes with her."

"Mrs. Layton, Gives the best and much-needed resources available for us to further understand the lesson. She engages our attention by having us input our personal experiences and allows positive yet helpful feedback."

"Instructor Layton was a great instructor. I enjoyed her class and she encourage her students to participate. She was great and I hope I have another class under her instructions. Thanks, Instructor Layton."

Ask Me Your Burning Questions...

Talk to someone who has been there and make informed decisions...

  • Discuss options for your career

  • Get resources to manage little ones throughout the day that promotes “peace and creativity.”

  • Download lessons, routines, activities, resources books…

  • Wondering if your lesson plans look correct?

  • Are you looking at going into teaching at the University level?

  • Interviewing strategies and questions…

  • Publishing

  • Writing Curriculum

  • So…much more

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I look forward to learning more about you and helping you on your journey!


Brophy, J. (1987). Synthesis of Research on Strategies for Motivating Students to Learn. Educational Leadership, 45(2), 40.

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