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Lesson Plans Are Ideal For Teachers & Homeschool Parents...

Do you struggle with planning lessons ahead of time? Do you want to ensure that the moment your students enter the room each day they are fully prepared to learn meaningful concepts that spark conversations and learning in context?

Well….take a look at what I have to offer to help alleviate some of that burden!

Remember when you have a plan you can not only scaffold student knowledge, but you can begin to differentiate your instruction to meet each student’s academic need, learning style, and their interests!

Teach with confidence and achieve your learning goals with high quality instruction that is backed by well thought out plans.

Who These Lesson Plans Are For:

Are you a teacher just starting out, a veteran teacher that is looking for another angle of teaching the routine concepts, or maybe a homeschool mom that wants some structure and guidance in what to teach?

Here you can find a plethora of unit plans as well as lesson plans to help spark your creativity in the classroom! You can choose to use my entire plans or tailor it to meet your needs. Whatever the case I am here to help you succeed in making learning fun for both you and your students!

If you do not find what you are specifically looking for contact me and let me know your specific needs.

Current Lesson Plans Available

Animal Based Lesson Plans Bundle

The animal-based plans are a variety of lessons that are centered around animals. Here you will find learning content on developing courage, graphing, opposites, and even life cycles. I have created lessons around the various animals to appeal to the interests of my students. Have fun exploring….

Lesson Plan for: Scientific Categorization of Animals

This lesson will allow your students to learn to properly categorize five groups of animals (mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and birds). Students will work cooperatively in groups to structure groups of animals. Using the scientific process to identify animals as well as defend their thoughts on the process of groupings.

Lesson Plan for: Bat-O-Graph

This lesson will teach students how to create a classroom graph as well as using their graph to count and solve real-world problems. Students will work cooperatively in groups to create hands-on “bats” that they will use to solve mathematical equations!

Lesson Plan for: Metamorphosis: Complete & Incomplete

In this lesson students will analyze and interpret diagrams on complete and incomplete metamorphosis. They will also compare two types of metamorphosis using key scientific terms. This lesson includes the Venn Diagrams that accompany this specific lesson as well as pictures of how the board can be set-up during this specific lesson.

Lesson Plan for: Drama/Science: Marine Life

This lesson will help students to use their imaginations to have a better understanding of marine life. Here you will be incorporating Drama and Science into the learning. Your students will come to life as they actively reenact the sea through bodily movements! They will also expand on their visual skills to develop a deeper understanding of the content taught. Finally students will act out the content they learned physically displaying their sustained knowledge.

Lesson Plan for: The Rainforest

This lesson plan will teach students about the Rainforest as well as touch on the efforts of conservation. They will through the use of their senses experience the Rainforest come alive as they taste and smell products from this region!

It will help them to have a deeper understanding of the Rainforest and some of the products we enjoy that originate from this special place. Students will delve into self directed and group studies doing research on specific products and presenting their knowledge

Lesson Plan for: Music: Marine Animals

In this lesson students will recall events and feelings through “active” listening to music! Students will become better acquainted with their own self expression through the use of painting colors and actively listening to music. After this lesson students will have a better understanding of the effect that music can have on you and your self expression.


In the math section you will find mathematic units that are appropriate for grades k-3. There are nine week plans teaching finance concepts, multiplication concepts, as well as simpler lessons dealing with slide, flip, and turn.

Lesson Plan for: Multiplication & Division Properties

For this lesson students are using their own books and workbooks specific to the Multiplication & Division Properties, but you can use your students specific pages in class to reinforce these mathematical concepts. Students will learn about the Identity, Zero, Associative, and Commutative properties as they utilize their knowledge to complete multiplication problems, division problems, as well as a multiplication table. They will culminate the learning with a BINGO game to apply what they have learned.

Lesson Plan for: Math: Slide, Flip, Turn

In this lesson students will use a grid to demonstrate the geometric concepts of Slide, Flip, and Turn. This lesson includes a Slide, Flip, and turn template as well as a visual representation of the actual teaching board of what the lesson can look like while you are presenting the content.

Writing Lesson Plans Bundle

Check out the writing section and utilize the friendly letter lessons to introduce writing letters to your students. You will also find lessons on poetry and much more…

Lesson Plan for: Idea Share Writing Activity

Using real-life photos students gather they will create stories that will not only tell about themselves, but will also give you that extra creative writing instruction that will bring about a love of writing.

Lesson Plan for: Writing: Acrostic Poems (Spring is in the Air!)

Spring is in the air! After completing this beautifully designed lesson plan students will be able to successfully create their very own Acrostic poem. Students will have a blast creating their own “kites” as they personalize kites with their Acrostic poems!

Lesson Plan for: Friendly Letter

With this shared writing lesson your students will fall in love with animals that live in the forest and who better to write a letter to than “Pooh!” In this lesson students will be up and moving their bodies as they learn the 5 parts of a letter! They will learn proper grammar, indentation, and punctuation as they develop letters to Pooh Bear!

Lesson Plan for: Poems: Silly Limericks

In this lesson students will be able to distinguish the pattern in a Limerick as well as create their own Limericks! This lesson includes a “clover” template for students to write their own Limericks on!

Lesson Plan for: Boxcar Children Activities

These are exciting and engaging activities that go along with the classic Boxcar Children literature! Students will engage in hands-on activities in Health, Fine Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Physical Education that will give them a deeper understanding of the elements in the story as well as bring the standards you are teaching to life!

Lesson Plan for: 2 Lesson Plans Courage (one Spiritual one secular)

These lesson plans will teach your students what it means to have courage as well as to help them identify what “courage” looks like in our everyday lives.

Secular “Courage” Lesson Plan:

• Students will develop an understanding of what it means to have courage.

• Students will identify what courage means to them.

• Students will explore examples of courage in others as well as in themselves.

Spiritual “Courage” Lesson Plan:

• Students will understand that courage comes from trusting in Jesus.

• Students will identify scripture and verse when they hear verses read.

• Students will work in groups to develop a plan to aid them in finding courage daily through Jesus.

Lesson Plan for: DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) Activity

Students will learn about creating a balanced meal all while displaying their knowledge of the phonogram “-ook!” Students will be actively engaged as they talk about their own real-world experiences at the grocery store as well as being introduced to new vocabulary as they express their family dinner routines!

Lesson Plan for: Spanish Explorers of Florida

This lesson gives students a better glimpse into the the world of the “Spanish Explorers!” This lesson also comes with a “blank” map of the Southeast United States and the Caribbean for mapping purposes.

5 Lesson Plans in One -

Unit Study: Who Lives Under the Sea?

This 5 day unit study has detailed lessons that teach students about “Who Lives Under the Sea” with lessons in Math, Science, Art, Language Arts, and Social Studies that all incorporate learning about underwater habitats and the creatures that live in it!

9 Week Plan for: Principles of Finance Grade One: Nine-Week Unit Plan

This is a complete in-depth unity study on the Principles of Finance or what we sometimes call “economics.” This study includes content, daily lesson plans, activities, and supplemental resources for nine weeks of lessons. Each week you will have five days of content to draw from as your students develop a deeper understanding of ​​the Principles of Finance.

1. Week One: Scarcity

2. Week Two: Limited Resources

3. Week Three: Earning Money

4. Week Four: Goods and Services

5. Week Five: Consumers and Producers

6. Week Six: Barter System

7. Week Seven: Wants versus Needs

8. Week Eight-Nine: Money and Savings

Lesson Plan for: 9 Week Plan for: Principles of Finance Grade Two: Nine-Week Unit Plan

This is a continuation from the 1st grade Principles of Finance study. Here students will build on what they have learned in the 1st grade unit and apply it to more in depth concepts related to Principles of Finance. This study includes content, daily lesson plans, activities, and supplemental resources for nine weeks of lessons. Each week you will have five days of content to draw from as your students develop a deeper understanding of ​​the Principles of Finance.

1. Week One-Two: International Trade

2. Week Three-Five: Earning Money (Why People Work & The Value of Work)

3. Week Six-Seven: What does it mean to Produce and Consume?

4. Week Eight-Nine: Goods and Services (What types of goods and services do our local businesses offer?)


Letter: Class Pet (Hamster)

This is a friendly letter introducing your students’ parents to your new student, AKA “class pet.” Most importantly it gets a signature of signed consent that each child’s parent is giving permission for their child to handle and care for this new member of the class.

Letter: Parental Involvement

This is a letter to get your students’ parents excited to share who they are to the class and what their talents are! This could be the first step in getting that parent comfortable with coming into the classroom. Who knows you may even find you have parental volunteers who want to get involved in the success of your classroom after you invite them in.



Here is a great test on dictation that will tell you whether your student is writing on a Primer, 1st grade, or 2nd grade level.

Test/Quizzes: Letter Recognition

This is a quick reference for you to test your students’ ability to recognize letters (capital, lower case, and even in a sentence). It is imperative to know their background knowledge before moving forward in your content.

Test/Quizzes: Math Quiz: Multiplication, Division, Fact-Families, as well as the Comminitive, Associative, and Identitive properties.

This is a Math Quiz that focuses on Multiplication, Division, Fact-Families, as well as the Comminitive, Associative, and Identiive properties.

Test/Quizzes: Math Quiz: Multiplication, Input/Output tables, Finding Quotients, Estimation, and Mental Math

This is a Math Quiz that focuses on Multiplication, Input/Output tables, Finding Quotients, Estimation, and Mental Math

Test/Quizzes: Math Quiz: Addition and Subtraction with Decimals, Multiplication, and Mental Math Division

This is a Math Quiz that focuses on Addition and Subtraction with Decimals, Multiplication, and Mental Math Division

Test/Quizzes: Volcanoes

This is a quiz on Volcanoes and includes a filling the blank section as well as a section for students to elaborate on what they have learned.

Classroom Management Guide and Set-Up

In this complete classroom management guide you will find:

Classroom Rules

An explanation of why those rules are important.




How rewards are used

Universal HW Code Pass

Parent Resource Guide


This non-fiction resource guides parents through the research-based brain development and the importance of implementing strategies early on. It gives parents not only the tools to begin strategic and purposeful learning experiences, but it also provides the insight into why this is so…important, especially early on. It can help you give your child the boost to early success!

CHAPTER 1: About me

CHAPTER 2: Making Connections Early On...

CHAPTER 3: Our Brain is Amazing!

CHAPTER 4: Everything We Do Impacts Our Child's Ability to Learn:

CHAPTER 5: Communication in Children:

CHAPTER 6: Inquiry Based Learning:

CHAPTER 7: The Importance of Play:

CHAPTER 8: Educational Theories and Language Acquisition:

CHAPTER 9: Effective Teaching:

CHAPTER 10: The Ever-Changing World of Education:

CHAPTER 11: Developing an "I Can..." Mentality:

CHAPTER 12: What We Thought We Knew....

CHAPTER 13: What makes us different.....

CHAPTER 14: Inclusion…

CHAPTER 15: Just how important is parental support in the classroom?

CHAPTER 16: Creating a Bond to Make a Difference:

CHAPTER 17: Meaningful Learning Experiences…

CHAPTER 18: Make it Relevant:

CHAPTER 19: Positive Behavior:

CHAPTER 20: Learning Time:


CHAPTER 22: Schedules and Routines:

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Editable Daily Homeschool Routines/Schedules

If you are a parent and you are looking for some ideas to start “Learning Time” with your little one this will be crucial.

As children progress in age they need further stimulation in their daily routine and learning schedules. Keeping them on a schedule and routine is vital to learning as well as “peace” in the home. It can be difficult to continually change and adapt your schedule to the ages and needs of your children, but I have it all laid out for you.

I hope that you find this information useful and at the least you have some ideas to jump start your little one’s daily schedule!

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